The Typical Timeline for Qualitative Market Research Recruitment

25th January, 2021The Market Research Industry

Desk with clock on the wall - representing duration of qualitative market research recruitment.

We’re delving into the timeline that we recommend for qualitative market research recruitment. THN’s standard is a minimum lead time of 5 working days from when the final screener is received, to the first day of fieldwork.

There are a number of steps that Project Managers go through before we can even launch, such as:

  1. Reviewing specifications with the full screener and consideration of qualification buffers if required
  2. Having a comprehensive client briefing call with stakeholders
  3. Liaising with THN analyst services prior to scripting and full check of respondent options post scripting
  4. Guided launching to our Market Research panel

Project managers drive additional respondents to a screener by working with our clients and our Marketing team on strategies that we have found to be successful avenues.

Post launch, each response is considered individually for eligibility. They are then short listed according to their rating across a number of areas. These include; purchasing patterns, brand preferences, attitudinal opinions and analysis of their creative responses.

Next, THN staff conduct assessment calls for every qualitative project. All respondents are re-screened through open probing, often with elaboration on their creative answers.

During these calls, our experienced staff provide a full explanation of involvement expectations. We also use this opportunity to identify the suitability of the candidate. This is based on a specific client’s requirements, reaffirming their selection or that they aren’t the right fit and so the respondent is recoded as ineligible.

All THN staff understand the importance of communicating red flags to clients as they appear, and regular updates for assurance.

THN have extended probation training for new staff and refreshers to ensure all processes are followed. Everyone who leads a project is trained to read specifications and know the timeline required to deliver successful recruitment for your market research project.

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