Getting Respondents Back in the Room

3rd August, 2023The Market Research Industry

Finding it difficult to recruit for face-to-face market research sessions? While getting respondents back in the room may seem simple, it can take a little extra work to fill those in-person sessions.

The team at THN have come up with a few different ways to try and get respondents back in the room:

  • Cash Is King

Cash is by far the biggest bonus for face-to-face groups – instant gratification for the respondent. This is especially the case for younger respondents.

  • Higher Incentives

As respondents might need to go out into the cold, drive to a certain location, park their car or use public transport, they may have to put in extra effort to get there, we suggest higher incentives may raise respondents’ interest to attend.

  • Over-recruits

Life will sometimes get in the way – especially being in the middle of cold/flu season, there are a number of external factors that could determine whether or not respondents will make it to a session. 

We recommend over-recruiting so Project Managers can do their best to fill groups where possible and have standby ready to go if need be.

  • Group Times

We have found that the 5:30 pm time slot is best to allow people to travel to the venue after the usual 5 pm finish at work. If groups are at 5 pm, groups are harder to get the majority of people to attend. On the other hand, groups that are from 8 pm and during the day are also difficult to recruit.

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