The Power of Social Media in Market Research Recruitment

29th June, 2023The Market Research Industry


People are spending more time than ever before on social media, on average, individuals are spending two hours per day engaging across various platforms. Here at THN, we recognise the power of social media as a valuable tool to connect with hard-to-reach respondents.


We like to go beyond the limitations of a panel and are committed to reaching out to new and refreshing faces through social media and relevant groups.


Across various channels, THN has reach to over 22,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram. This social media presence allows us to access a broader range of respondents with unique and fresh perspectives for your projects.


This proves extremely helpful when having to recruit groups with more specific characteristics. As an example, recruiting a younger demographic through traditional methods can be challenging, especially when targeting Millennials and Gen Z. However, given these age groups are the most active on social media platforms, utilising social media as a recruitment tool presents an excellent opportunity to engage with them effectively.


Social media is an underestimated recruitment strategy that gives you access to a bigger pool of respondents, more unique opinions and overall delivers better results for your qualitative and quantitative market research projects.


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