Share the Dignity and THN!

12th March, 2021Corporate Social Responsibility

THN donates to Share the Dignity Australia to go towards minimising period poverty - represented by a toiletry bag filled with sanitary items.

Share the Dignity is an organisation that works to help those experiencing period poverty. Their mission is to help women in crisis, because everyone deserves the dignity that so many people take for granted. This month, we’ve made a donation towards this initiative and the team are getting involved in the Dignity Drive!

Our team is made up of approximately 90% female staff, so being involved in this cause is very close to our hearts. Our Account Manager Tracey is passionate about helping the community in any way that she can. This has led her to become a Volunteer Shero for Share The Dignity, helping us to understand the cause and getting the office involved in this month’s drive.

We’ve asked Tracey to kindly share her story about Share the Dignity and what it means to her:

‘’The first time that I’d heard about Share the Dignity was through an advert a few years ago, asking if I had ever used newspaper as a sanitary item. It also asked if I have ever had to choose between feeding my child or purchasing a sanitary item. As a fairly privileged woman, there has always been enough money in the bank to purchase both food and sanitary items. So, this message really made me think about those who experience period cycles and what they might be forced to do if they didn’t have the money to purchase such items.

In the beginning, I would urge my friends and community to donate when they could during the Dignity Drives. This is twice a year. And then when It’s in the Bag started, I urged the same people to continue to take action. I’d then collect what I could and take the items to Coast Shelter. Last year, I joined Share the Dignity as one of their Volunteer Shero’s and have stepped up a little bit. From the small circle of my friends, family and colleagues to now going into the community and collecting items outside of my circle. This involves visiting Woolworths and other businesses involved.

I have found that many people in this world like to help but aren’t quite sure how. Helping Share the Dignity, to actually share the dignity, is a pretty simple way to make a difference.’’

Share the Dignity do two Dignity Drives – March and August annually.

They also do the “It’s in the Bag” annual drive in November. We collect handbags, back packs and baby bags to share with those who are less fortunate than many of us.

You can read about Share the Dignity or get involved here.

We hope our donation and involvement this year will help those in need. We also hope it encourage others to take action in their communities!