THN Lifeblood Team Makes Top 5 at Gosford Centre

19th March, 2021Corporate Social Responsibility

The Human Network Lifeblood Team

Giving back to the community has always been a priority here at The Human Network, but never more so than now when COVID-19 has affected all aspects of the business world and created new challenges at every corner.

This is why we were extremely proud to learn this week that our Lifeblood team is in the top five at the Gosford Donor Centre! This means that our staff members have saved 48 lives this year by regularly donating blood. Collectively the Gosford Lifeblood teams have made over 540 donations so far in 2021, helping to save over 1,600 lives.

What is Lifeblood?

Formerly known as the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Lifeblood represents the multi-faceted approach the Red Cross takes to saving lives; through blood, organ matching, tissue typing, donated breast milk and more.

Why Lifeblood?

Despite the great results demonstrated so far this year, Lifeblood are always looking for more donations. Gosford Donor Centre is responsible for filling over 200 blood and plasma appointments between Monday 29th March – Saturday 10th April, and this is no small task.

Why now?

Covid-19 has drastically changed our environment, and at a time when we fear everyday normalcies like leaving the house, it isn’t hard to imagine why fewer people are taking the time to give blood.

The Australian Red Cross guarantees that their top priority is the safety of their donors, staff, volunteers and, of course, blood recipients. However, this hasn’t stopped people from being wary.

Perhaps that’s why Red Cross has seen 10,000 fewer people donating since this time last year. This is even more alarming when considering the fact that Hospital demand is up 7 per cent according to Lifeblood Executive Director Cath Stone.

Our Team

That’s why we are so pleased with our dedicated team members who – in the middle of work obligations and the chaos of everyday life – always take the time to give back.

The THN Lifeblood team has been a staple in our office for over five years. Last year, the team made 57 donations helping to save 171 lives, a goal we’re hoping to beat in 2021. It just goes to show that even in times of change and uncertainty, the generosity of ordinary people can lift spirits.