THN Gold Star Respondents!

25th September, 2020The Market Research Industry

THN have gold star respondents which are considered to be the top tier market research respondents. Represented by white timber with cold stars over the top.

We have a high level of engaging, articulate and reliable people on our panel. Therefore, to be considered a gold star respondent, it often takes more than positive comments from a moderator. The respondents need to be “solid gold” through and through!

To find our gold stars, Project Managers ensure that they make regular notes on the panel database about our respondents. As a result, we can see top tier respondents come to the surface.

We also pay close attention to:

  • Client feedback
  • Responses to creative questions, the engagement levels and the effort made
  • Survey responses including grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as any personalised comments made
  • Willingness and confidence to be expressive
  • Responsiveness
  • Previous comments made about them on our database
  • Their attendance track record and punctuality
  • Completion and quality of any homework tasks


Additionally, Project Managers will have their own memory of standout respondents. This key knowledge is shared so that we have participants in mind when a complex project arises!

Project Managers have memorable interactions with participants during the recruitment process. They build a rapport in a dynamic and efficient manner and genuinely enjoy getting to know the opinions of people from all walks of life.

Here at THN, we work hard to determine who is deemed a fit for our pot of gold! We want our clients to have the highest quality of respondents to meet the needs of their projects.

To find out more about our respondents and how we can help you with market research recruitment please contact Ben & Shelley here.