The Participant Principle – Maya Middlemiss

9th June, 2018The Market Research Industry

This month we’ve stumbled upon a book that reflects so much of what THN has learned in its experiences with consumer recruitment and continually developing amongst the evolving world of online communication.

The Participant Principle is written by one Maya Middlemiss, who funnily enough established her recruitment company in 2000 – the same time that The Human Network was developed. The experiences and professional innovation Maya writes about so closely mirror THN’s heritage in the market research industry and recruiting many thousands of consumers to take part in a huge range of projects.

The book is such an easy to read, hands on, practical approach focusing on the delivery of excellence in recruitment. There are key guidelines to help research clients get the most value from the services they commission for their research projects.

Our THN team is passionate about consistently recruiting the best possible participants and giving our clients the confidence in our processes to make the decisions that follow, the most effective they can be. If we get those “vital raw ingredients” right it all comes together in the finished product! From the screener to the client briefing, the fieldwork, the feedback from the client and participant – every stage is one of those vital ingredients.

We always work collaboratively with our research partners, matching our recruitment experience alongside their expertise and hold the responsibility to ensure that the participants are recruited and managed completely ethically and responsibly. Every participant who has a good experience will spread the word ensuring more potential participants in future.

And while every project THN works on is unique, there are common questions and concerns which arise regularly – many of which need to be addressed very early in the project planning process and many of these are outlined in this book.

The key ingredients to successful recruitment, from focus groups to eye tracking and every methodology in between is all here and we hope you get the opportunity to read this book – it is definitely our “go to” at the moment!