Taste test alcohol or chocolate and they will come!

21st May, 2018The Market Research Industry

Our talented THN team have many skills. One which has been perfected over the last 20 years is the complete service we often provide our Quant clients for recruitment and fulfilment of fieldwork for sensory taste testing at CLT venues.

Lots of details are involved to ensure that these sessions run smoothly, some of which we’ve listed below:

  • THE VENUE has to be suitable for the product being tested and set up perfectly with our sensory booths and in a location easily accessible for participants
  • THE FIELDWORK TEAM are experienced, professional and fully briefed in the protocols required for the taste test
  • THE PRODUCT requires refrigeration/storage and needs to be prepared + presented in the optimal way according to our client protocols
  • THE QUESTIONNAIRE will either be scripted by our programmer or the client supplied link and is fully tested to ensure optimal display on iPads,
  • THE TECHNOLOGY testing ensures all technology works faultlessly on the day with internet backup in place
  • THE CONSUMERS have a positive professional experience at a session which does not overrun, and finally, the required SAMPLE AND QUOTAS are achieved as planned!

PHEW! Tall order? Not when our team swings into action and is all about planning, planning, planning and lots of experience in sensory methodology!

Each member of the team has their special area of responsibility and it all comes together on the day like a well-rehearsed play.

Often the fieldwork days can be very long (think 12+ hours) but it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the members of our panel who have been pre-recruited to attend. From their perspective they enjoy meeting us – real people behind the email, text and screeners they receive.

Early starts are required to ensure everything is prepared and ready for the first respondents who invariably arrive early, and the sessions run to schedule.

Alcohol taste testing also has its own set of requirements from waivers, to P Platers to RSA qualified staff.

Our Cider taste test on one Sunday several weeks ago was typical of the team plan:

Target was N= 160 – quotas of BUMO, consumption, gender and age
Respondents booked including oversample N= 176
Number completed on the day N= 170

Complete Datafile to overseas client the next day – very happy client.