97.6%… We like those numbers!

24th April, 2018The Market Research Industry

We are still smiling about the results of our 3 most recent In-Home Product Tests just completed and couldn’t wait to share the results. Each test was for N = 100 with a 10% oversample and the duration of testing ranged from 2 weeks to 3 months.

And the results show….

Project 1 – 96.4% recall completion
Project 2 – 96.3% recall completion
Project 3 – 100% recall completion


While greater control is offered when product testing in a Central Location fieldwork situation, some instances just aren’t feasible for testing certain products in this way and rather, they need to be tested in a real-life situation at home.

Here at THN we have recruited and managed many In-Home Product Tests across multiple categories, sample sizes and with very specific requirements. The processes used have been continually refined to achieve the wonderful results we consistently deliver to our delighted clients.

Our steps to ensure success:

  • Trial product is packaged appropriately to ensure it is received in perfect condition
  • Products are clearly coded
  • Distribution by Courier or mail is carefully monitored and followed up
  • Product receipt is confirmed with all participants
  • Participants know who to contact with any queries
  • Accompanying usage instructions are clear and very concise
  • All participation requirements are well understood and agreed to
  • Continual monitoring by the THN Project Manager
  • Regular reminders and contact to participants to complete the recall survey
  • Participants receive their incentive payment at the advertised time

Another two In Home Tests are about to start and we are looking forward to delighting our clients with more fabulous percentages!