There’s fast, there’s cheap, there’s automatic and then there’s THN

16th July, 2018The Market Research Industry

Can THN automatically recruit, screen and schedule respondents in minutes? We wish but sadly no!

From the time a client contacts us to discuss a new project and request a quote and until the successful project close and final wrap up there are no fewer than 61 discrete steps required by our team. From Shelley our Director, the dedicated Project Manager, the Quality Manager and Administration staff!

THN processes to source the “spot on” target respondents who meet the specifications of each of our client projects are all streamlined and constantly reviewed. However, as well as the technology involved there is a lot of very necessary human interaction required to achieve the best possible results for our clients. One of our respondents who recently took part in a project provided feedback of her recruitment experience to the Project Manager:

“You really strike the perfect balance between being professional as well as friendly, establishing a genuine rapport with people”

These 61 steps to successful project recruitment are incorporated into 4 major stages for every project:

  • Project quote and commission – 12 steps
  • Screener script and launch – 12 steps
  • Recruitment and client liaison – 24 steps
  • Project wrap up and system update – 12 steps

So, while our project turnaround time is always in tune with client deadlines, each one of these necessary steps represents the value we add and guarantees the result that the client expects to receive when they trust us with their valued project. And no this can’t be achieved in minutes!