Make homework a breeze!

20th April, 2020The Market Research Industry

Tips and Tricks for Successful Homework Tasks:

Many market research projects THN recruit for have a required homework task.
These can provide an excellent addition to the discussion guide and we know that the researcher is relying on an articulate, well considered contribution. We have been chatting to some of our Project Managers about how to achieve this.

The predominant response emphasised the importance of keeping homework tasks manageable, audience appropriate and easy to access.
This will generally result in higher group attendance, better completion efforts and a higher quality product.
Check out our Project Managers’ other tips below to help set your participants on the path to homework success!

  • Consider the format/software requirements – Not everyone has PowerPoint, or even Word! Provide PDF versions of your documents too and give participants options.
  • Check that your homework file size is not too large to download and won’t chew up data capacities.
  • Not everyone has access to a printer! Provide alternative options such as emailing finished tasks ahead of time.
  • Be kind to ink cartridges and avoid large blocks of colour/image and black or coloured back grounds with white text.
  • Demographic will affect usability – Keep in mind that Young Millennials will have entirely different skills and attitude to homework tasks than Baby Boomers.
  • Payment is important when it comes to enthusiasm for homework so be sure that the incentive is proportionate to the time required to complete the tasks.
  • Provide clear instructions with the homework regarding your expectations and this will also be endorsed by our Project Managers when they speak to respondents.

Curious to know more? We are committed to working alongside you to achieve success in your projects! Our Account Manager Tracey is always happy to have a talk and offer guidance! You can contact her on –