We’re a people business.

Finding the right people for your project is what we’re good at. Very good at.

All the work prior to Christmas went really well. As always the team were highly organised and were a pleasure to work with. The recruit was excellent even when it was so close to Christmas. Thanks again to the team, I always know the project is safe hands with them!

Kate McQuilkin, Immerse Insight & Strategy

Thanks for everything, we couldn’t have done it without you, you guys provided more than quarter of the sample from amongst 10 different suppliers!

Soo Bahk, ADP Group

The project went really well overall! I always enjoy working with you guys and think the quality of your respondents are fantastic.

Steph Karayannis, Fiftyfive5

Overall, it was great working with THN and I really appreciated the effort and consideration that went in to recruit the right participants for our project.

Emily Jones, Principals

A huge thank you for all your help with the groups. Awesome job on the recruitment (particularly in Brisbane where we had a great creative bunch of brains!) All managed effortlessly by yourselves – and making our lives immensely easier.

Katie Lucas, Fiftyfive5

This project ran like clockwork and I really appreciated all the effort that went in to finding the right respondents and quickly responding to changes as they popped up. Also, thanks too for proactive communication throughout the project. The Human Network team always make me feel in the loop and up-to-date with where things are at. Love your work!

Bryony Ranford, brandtonic

Super recruitment again so thanks a lot for all of your efforts. It makes my job easier when we’ve got great people to chat to. The client was very impressed with the quality too.

Claire Martin, Added Value, Shanghai

Tracey has really represented everything we look for from recruiters. She has been completely fabulous in checking on how things are going and working with us to find solutions whenever anything arises

Hannah Krijnen, Fiftyfive5

I was very happy with how things went for this project. Tracey did a great job! This recruit was a bit out of the ordinary and it was handled really well. Tracey was also really great at keeping on top of the respondents throughout the running of the online community, we had a 100% completion rate which is fantastic. No complaints with how it went, would definitely use THN again!

Ellie Burton, Ruby Cha Cha

Last night's group was outstanding. The clients (all 6 of them!) were very impressed with the variety of people and how articulate and on task they were.

Susan Spanitz, InnoSense Consulting

Tracey has been an absolute delight to work with. I know that she's completely on top of the project through her prompt, concise & professional communication and on top just a lovely person. I can't speak highly enough.

Kate McQuilkin, Immerse Strategy

I just wanted to say what a delight it has been to work with you on this project. You have been nothing short of fabulous. Every step of the way you have been there, followed up and sorted it out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vivian Rowden, Through The Looking Glass

Thank you! 94% recall rate, must be a new world's record!

Jodi, Ipsos

We were very happy with the recruitment – all the respondents were on spec, happy to join in and engaged. We appreciated the speed with which you recruited the groups and the professionalism of your staff.

Sara-Lee Been, Fifth Dimension

I look forward to working with you again soon - you always make things nice and easy for me. It's wonderful passing things to you and feeling assured everything will be done to the correct specs.

Janice Armstrong, Colmar Brunton NZ

Kathryn did a great job taking the brief and filling the groups without any issue. She also did a great job collecting the homework and sending it to me in a nice organised format and provided frequent and clear updates which is much appreciated.

Lauren Gibbs, FiftyFive5

THN are a great team to work with, I’ve used them over a number of years now and they are my go-to partner for high quality respondents, project managers who go out of their way to make my life easier and guidance/advice on difficult consumer recruits.

Hannah Krijnen, Fiftyfive5

A HUGE thank you for last night, some really fantastic respondents & incredibly diverse group of women. Thanks so much for making last night such a great session & our lives that bit easier.

Katie Lucas, The Lab Insight & Strategy

The respondents were fantastic last night, thank you so much! Everyone at BrandHook is raving about what a fabulous job you have been doing for us!

Sarah Bugden, BrandHook

We are so happy with the amazing job Jacqui and Claire did recruiting so many groups, to such a high standard! We really appreciate you keeping us updated throughout the process, and for always striving for great participants, we really do notice the difference (as do our clients) and it makes our job so much easier.

Jac Doyle, Harvest Insights

We could not have been more pleased. All the respondents were great, really engaged and open in the sessions. Our client was blown away with the groups and the level of detail we were able to get. Working with Claire on this was fantastic. Such a smooth process, I was kept up to date all the way through and was made to feel confident from the start. Nothing I could improve on at all.

Bethan Hockey, Kantar Added Value

Thank you so much Tracey and the team at THN for always going over and above to not only recruit great respondents who are on spec and high contributors in the focus groups, but also help us pressure test our pre-tasks by actually completing the tasks yourselves by going to the store and taking pictures – we are so grateful!

Kim Braganza, Kantar Added Value

I thought you did a good job of recruiting to spec in a short time-frame; and given we managed to get the vast majority of people to carry out their Pinterest boards too, we were very pleased.

Ergo Strategy, Ed Elias

All went really well as usual thanks – clients were very happy with the ‘spot on’ participants!

Lana Bruskina, FiftyFive5

The online communities were buzzing and it has been hard to choose respondents for the next research stage... since they have all been so good!

Belinda Heath, Real Ethnography

It was very successful indeed —in no small part due to your amazing recruitment. 100% amazing.

Rigas Harbilas, The Practice

Thanks so much for your fantastic service - it’s always great to work with you! The panelists were really cooperative and easy to work with – I don’t think there were any dramas at all. It was a long day but I believe we have gathered some very valuable data.

David Harris, Sanitarium

Again thanks for all your effort on the job – it was fantastic to work with you and your team… looking forward to the next one!

Ben White, Ruby Cha Cha

Excellent people in terms of respondents being on spec even to the segment level, being talkative and friendly, doing pre-work, and letting us into their homes. So massive thank you there. It really contributed to the success of the project!

Carina Serreze, Fiftyfive5

I have to say, I worked with many recruitment companies in different states & regions, in terms of the level of quality and consistency, THN is the best by far! Well done!

Isabel Zhang, Nielsen

Amazing response! I am wrapped!! And so is the client! And the host is incredibly impressed at the engagement on this project... says it is his highest ever, mind you, a very engaging subject!

Mobile App Study

The Project

6-week study of Australians' daily activity during the weeks surrounding the Olympics.

The Recruitment

  • N=235 people Australia wide willing to commit to engagement spanning across 20 days. 
  • All respondents were phone screened at recruitment stage covering technical requirements as well as ensuring the client specification was met across the board. 
  • N=235 split into 2 rotations determining start day

The Fieldwork

  • Each rotation commenced the project one week apart and on alternating days to accommodate the high volume of daily monitoring and follow up required.
  • Daily SMS’ sent to participants each day to remind of survey completion requirements as well as special event notifications
  • Daily monitoring and cross-referencing of all participants against all compliance factors – surveys; ACR i.e. TV content; and VPN i.e. phone content.
  • Daily reporting to client of any factors or issues of concern such as technological problems with phone connectivity or dashboard issues.

The Final Say

Of N=235 recruited, N=232 completion rate with high levels of input from our panel members.

Central Location Testing

The Project

Concept and product testing of a new imported dairy dessert snack pre-release into major supermarket chains.

The Recruitment

  • N=320 mothers (25-50 years old) with at least one child between 6-14 years old, and buyers of kids desserts in P6M
  • Minimum 50% to have a child between 6-10 years old

The Fieldwork

  • N=320 ratings for conceptual stage
  • 2 monadic cells with n=160 each
  • At least n=300 (n=150 per cell) move on to product testing to be split in 2 more monadic sub cells per cell with n=75 each.
  • Sample to be split 50/50 between cities.
  • CAPI 45-minute single interviews with mother and one child at the same time, interviewer assisted, child only to do product test – mother to evaluate packaging and concept.
  • Location: Sydney and Melbourne
  • Large double refrigeration required at each venue

The Client Says

"Overall, we are extremely happy and satisfied with how the project went and with its outcome. Things were organized very well and we really appreciate the smooth fieldwork.

We also felt that your team is extremely experienced and as said before, we are not used to having field suppliers that are so involved in set-up, link check, etc. We really appreciated your support in all phases of the set up.

When the next request for Australia comes, we know whom to contact."

Consumer Profile

The Project

In-depth representations of key demographics for a major coffee manufacturer in relation to their current advertising and product range.

The Recruitment

  • N=2 consumer profiles with a 4 page brief on each segment where all markers were to be ‘hit’. 
  • A mix of sourcing our 'Gold Stars’ with an intensive and lengthy screening process.
  • A ‘veto’ phone call from the research agency first and then their end client where all parties had to agree with the selection from the pool of nominated candidates.

The Fieldwork

  • Client conducted N=2 6 hour interviews each scheduled to be filmed across multiple locations including in home, in cafes and street scape.

The Final Say

Result achieved – client was delighted to explore this method following a previously successful format also run by THN.

Focus Group

The Project

Client research involving women happy to talk about their families, the pressures of being a mum and a woman, keen to have their voices heard.

The Recruitment

  • Single Mum, Shared Custody Mum, Couple Mum.
  • Household income above/below $80K or above/below $130K
  • Mum ages 20 – 32 and 33 – 48 years
  • Single children or two or more children families
  • Seeking families with children aged 5 years or under
  • Our social media campaign netted: 4425 views in Victoria and 8492 views in NSW. This also enabled us to reconnect with people who may have taken a break from market research, offering our client new participants.

The Fieldwork

  • Client ran 10 focus groups of N=8 over 3 locations (Melbourne, Sydney & Regional NSW) across a 2 week span. 
  • As with all focus groups, THN conducted follow up procedures with the group rooms prior to each groups commencement to check attendance and touch base with any late comers. 

The Final Say

Complete attendance across all 10 groups (N=80) 

In-home Unit Testing

The Project

Product testing of a brand new nappy concept pre-supermarket launch.

The Recruitment

  • N=316 brand decision making mums of babies in nappies. 
  • Mums were put through a segmentation algorithm as part of the recruitment. 
  • Half the sample needed to be young babies in infant nappies, the other half wearing toddler size nappies, with a 50/50 gender split.

The Fieldwork 

  • Client shipped 2 nappy varieties out to participants to be tested over a 6 day period. 
  • THN hosted and distributed the 20-minute online survey to be completed by participants providing their product feedback. 
  • An additional video exercise was offered to those willing to participate wherein they spoke to the camera of their experience with the nappies trialled.

The Final Say

95% response rate achieved, N=300 of N=316 mums completed the usage and online recall.

Multi Stage Study

The Project

Consumer feedback sourcing across existing products and product trials of new technology pre-launch from both current and competitor users a of a major technology company. 

Multiple projects and research methods were used to get thoughts and opinions as well as new ideas from a wide range of tech users.

The Recruitment

Clients needed participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, and with very specific attitudes towards technology they use, and their feelings towards it.

The Fieldwork

  • Focus Groups 
  • Workshops 
  • In-store interviews
  • Product trials in various city cafes

The Final Say

“I just want to say a massive thanks for all of your work on this, the client was thrilled with the session last night! The research has been a real success.”

“Thank you for the screening responses, all the respondents you have selected match the segment criteria really well. Thanks for your hard work in this tight project.”

Online Panel

The Project

A major Australian news establishment wished to understand the implications of ceasing weekday print editions in Sydney and Melbourne by gaining consumer context and a deeper understanding of the resulting reader behaviour.

The Recruitment

N=25 across Melbourne + N=25 across Sydney regular weekday readers of specific newspaper breakdowns for a 5-day online community.

The Fieldwork

  • Five-day online forum
  • Group 1 had to live without their respective paper, sourcing their news from an alternate source – different newspaper, online, news app, TV or radio.
  • Group 2 had to live without their respective paper, sourcing their news from an alternate source but NOT any related media sites (listing was provided)
  • Group 3 had to live without their respective paper, replacing their news exclusively from the list of editions provided.
  • Respondents were required to keep a journal or “Deprivation Diary” detailing how they were coping without their paper – how it made them feel to have to source from other avenues, if they’d consider the new source as a possibility in the future, what they missed about their usual newspaper etc.

The Final Say

N=50 recruited, N=49 completed their week-long involvement.