Terms and Conditions

The Human Network Pty Ltd (ACN 087 955 753) agrees to provide services as agreed. Before commencing a project it is the policy of The Human Network that the following terms and conditions are understood and agreed to:

  1. The Human Network quote is valid for 30 days and issued in Australian Dollars unless advised otherwise.
  2. A Purchase Order number or signed quote approval must be supplied by the Client prior to The Human Network commencing any project.
  3. The Human Network Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with The Service Description.
  4. Payment from Clients registered with The Human Network is due within 30 days from the date of invoice issue unless specifically agreed with The Human Network. These payment terms are independent of any payment agreement that may be applicable between our Client and their end Client.
  5. For Clients not previously registered with The Human Network and Clients ordering The Human Network Express payment will be required prior to the services commencing.
  6. GST is not applicable to incentives paid or when invoicing international Clients when compliance with Australian Tax Office rulings are met.
  7. Any changes to the Client specification including recruitment criteria, methodology, dates, times, venues, postponements, cancellations, must be advised to The Human Network in writing. In some cases additional fees may be payable:



  8. If The Human Network provides and manages the respondent incentive a handling fee of 10% of total value may be charged.
  9. The Human Network has a wide range of registered respondents to take part in market research projects. No respondents should be excluded from participation for what can be perceived as discriminatory reasons.
  10. All supplied respondent contact details including telephone numbers and email addresses remain the property of The Human Network and may not be used by the Client or any of their agents for any purpose other than the contracted project. The Client will not retain any identifying details for any respondent.
  11. The respondent may not be contacted for any other market research sessions or for any other purpose without the written permission of The Human Network.
  12. The Client will not retain any identifying details for any respondent.
  13. The Human Network and the Client will ensure that their respective responsibilities are carried out in a timely and professional manner, but neither party can be held accountable for external factors which impact on the delivery of the service.
  14. For projects involving fieldwork where The Human Network incurs significant initial cost an invoice for 50% of the total fee may be issued to the Client on project acceptance.
  15. The Human Network has Public Liability Cover valid throughout Australia. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure they have appropriate current insurance cover for any potential claims or disputes initiated by consumers arising from any products supplied by them or their Client for the purposes of product testing.
  16. Where the Client or any representative of the Client is involved in any dealings with respondents recruited by The Human Network, in any location, the Client must have appropriate insurance cover to any disputes that may arise.