Market Research Recruitment in 2020

21st October, 2020The Market Research Industry

How market research recruitment changed in 2020. Represented by online focus group with 4 respondents shown on laptop screen.

2020…what a year it’s been. This year so far has been unpredictable, eventful and challenging to say the least.

We’ve seen working from home become the new norm, lockdowns, face masks and an abundance of hand sanitiser!

Traditional face-to-face methodologies pivoted towards online platforms with a sharp increase in online panels.

From THN’s perspective, there was initial uncertainty involved with transitioning to online alternatives from both the end client and respondent side. However, once everyone became accustomed to the new online offerings, an array of benefits became evident. For instance, online alternatives have vastly improved flexibility and efficiency.

Additionally, this new direction also increased geographical diversity by providing opinions from a wide range of locations. We’ve found that respondents from regional and rural locations have responded positively to the increase in research available to them. On reflection, this multitude of change over a short timeframe has shown us just how agile we can be.

We are now slowly seeing face-to-face resurfacing, but it seems many are still leaning in their preference towards online alternatives.

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